quarta-feira, 11 de março de 2009

finally! what a releave! it's all in here!

How are you my darling? talk to me...
i know i am not the first person you would want to talk with. i realise i may be not your favourite person right now. i know. i know have done nothing else then desappointing you since... since i've gone to college.

But i want you to know that i am here, and that nothing that i've done had any kind of intention to harm you. i wouldn't do that to someone i treasour so much!

Plus, nothing that happened was completely out of the blue, you know? maybe you couldn't see it, maybe because i've never really shown it, but there was some kind of... point, in what you've done. what i mean is that, what happened had already slipped through my mind before.

And i don't care about what is said. who does anyway? but maybe you should, because you deserve better than what you want...

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butterfly* disse...

tu mereces tudo...es uma pessoa fantastica.nao ligues ao comentarios dos outros, porque ninguem é igual a ti.e quem faz aquele tipo de comentarios, so tem é muita raiva, porque queria ser como tu.
adoro-te linda